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January 28, 2020

The Best Downtown Workouts

Woman doing exercise with resistance band

Finding time to exercise when traveling can be tricky, but the benefits are undeniable. After just thirty to sixty minutes of spinning, HIIT training, or yoga, you’re more likely to feel alert and energized for the rest of the day—which can be particularly useful if you’re planning to spend your trip sightseeing and exploring the never-ending wonders of downtown New York. Not to mention, finding new and interesting workouts can be a great way to get to know a new city from a local’s perspective. Here are some of our favorite places to sweat it out downtown.


Only in New York can you find a breakout fitness class housed in a former church-turned-nightclub. The historic Limelight building where 30/60/90 fitness classes take place has all the amenities needed for traveling sweat-seekers, including convenient locker rooms and spotless showers. But come prepared—the HIIT classes at 30/60/90 are not for the weak-willed. Their unique method increases the short bursts of high-intensity exercise and decreases the long intervals of active recovery, which means you’ll work harder and rest less. On the bright side, you’re likely to feel the benefits almost immediately afterward, and you’ll be in and out in under an hour. Last but not least, their curated playlists and modern light effects help make this intense workout feel more like a cardio party.People working out


If grueling, high-intensity training isn’t your cup of tea, check out the movement-based approach at P.volve’s studio in SoHo. Though the style is a hybrid of familiar workouts like strength training, yoga, and pilates, the classes at P.volve are unlike any other workout you’ve experienced before. Focused on creating definition and supporting your joints and muscle groups, their method is known for activating hard-to-reach muscle groups without adding unnecessary bulk. For a low-impact workout that works with any body shape or fitness level, P.volve is a great option for getting into the swing of a new fitness routine.

305 Fitness

The classes at 305 Fitness are perfect for when you want to move your body without actually feeling like you’re working out. Their dance-based workouts are easy to follow and their colorful studio with live DJs makes you feel like you’re hitting the club with your friends rather than grinding it out at the gym. Classes range from 45 minutes to 58 minutes long, and all you need to participate is a pair of athletic sneakers and a ready-to-dance attitude.