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July 17, 2019

The Most Refreshing Summer Cocktails

The joys of summer in NYC are varied: sun-filled strolls through the park, sparkling boat rides on the Hudson and lingering lunches at fun and relaxed restaurants like these insider favorites in Battery Park. But one of the most beloved warm-weather traditions shared by both visitors and residents in New York is the perfect summer cocktail. Whether you prefer cooling off with a classic spritz or retro gin fizz, here are our picks for your next summer sip.

The Rosato Spritz at Camillo

This popular Roman restaurant located just across the bridge in Prospect Lefferts Gardens is known for its robust menu of authentic Roman antipasti, pasta and pinsa, a traditional type of Roman pizza that’s made with a combination of organic wheat, soy and rice flour. While its mouth-watering Roman eats are the main attraction, Camillo’s full service bar is well-worth the trip. Named after the Italian Count who invented the staple negroni cocktail in 1919, Camillo’s bar is fully stocked with a variety of Italian Campari, amari and other liqueurs. Be prepared to choose amongst a variety of drinks including the enticing Rosato Spritz, the perfect summer refreshment served with Rosé, Campari, lime and a lemon twist.


Grilled Pineapple Mojito at The James

For many of us, grabbing a summer cocktail in New York isn’t complete without a great rooftop city view. The James rooftop bar fits the bill perfectly. Located eighteen floors above ground, The James offers an elite and intimate bar experience that comes to life in the summer months. If you’re lucky enough to gain access, take advantage of the creative cocktail list with an order of the Matcha Mule, Cucumber Switchel, or our personal favorite, the Grilled Pineapple Mojito. After all, what celebrates summer better than a piece of tropical fruit?


Watch Me Matcha at Paper Daisy

Let’s be honest, matcha is having a real moment here in the states. The popular Japaneses drink has been a staple of the east for many years, but the highly-caffeinated coffee alternative has been popping up more and more on the streets of New York in recent months. The pastel-perfect color of this green tea powder has both bitter and sweet undertones, making it the perfect base for a summer cocktail. The version at the Paper Daisy comes with Fords gin, mizu lemongrass shochu, bergamot, cucumbers, lemon and egg white.


Daiquiri Your Way at The Rum House

Sometimes the best way to get into the summer spirit is to embrace traditional island flavors, even if the island you’re on is Manhattan. The Rum House in Times Square is a celebration of all things tropical, including their namesake spirit: Rum. With the “Daiquiri Your Way” you’ll get a choice of rum, including the classic, flavored or dark varieties. Make sure to request a paper umbrella to complete your island order.

Daily Slushie at Mother’s Ruin

When the heat hits you hard, the only real remedy is something frozen. Enter the daily slushie from Mother’s Ruin. Their modern and inventive cocktail menu changes regularly, but the daily slushie is a reliable standby, especially during summertime. Open until 4am, this late night bar is the perfect place to stop during those particularly hot summer nights. If you’re feeling peckish, order a side of waffle fries, too.