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March 1, 2020

What To Look Forward To At This Year’s Armory Show

Lights ExhibitSome call it New York’s biggest and most exciting international art fair, others refer to it as a nexus for the modern art world. Whether you’re familiar with its prowess or not, The Armory Show is one of the city’s leading cultural events for discovering the world’s most important 20th and 21st century art. Established over twenty-five years ago, The Armory Show (located at Piers 90 and 94, just a thirty-minute cab ride from The Wagner) has become synonymous with inspiring dialogue and patronage in the visual arts. If you’re looking to find inspiration, discover a new artist or medium, or simply participate in one of New York’s most beloved annual traditions, a visit to this year’s Armory Show is sure to deliver. Here are a few highlights we’re most looking forward to at this year’s fair.

2020 Platform Projects

Each year a different platform is selected to center the fair’s large-scale projects around a common theme. Inspired by the potent political atmosphere that has developed over the past four years, as well as the presidential election coming up later in the year, 2020’s platform will explore how contemporary artists use the genres of satire, caricature, and the grotesque as tools of social critique. Some motifs highlighted in this year’s seven platform presentations include Americana, heternormative gender roles, greed, and climate change. 

Brand New Exhibitors

It goes without saying that the works presented at The Armory Show change and evolve with every fair. That being said, there are a handful of anticipated exhibitors who return to the Armory year after year to showcase their favorite artists and works. As wonderful as it is to depend on these tried and true exhibitors for fascinating exhibitions, throwing some fresh exhibitors into the mix is always an exciting development. This year, four new exhibitors from Cologne, Dubai, Houston, and Los Angeles will make their Armory Show debut to exhibit a diverse collection of works that is in line with the Armory Show’s overall vision.


Perspectives is the newest exhibitor section at The Armory Show and is aimed at recontextualizing works from the 20th century. Inaugural curators, Nora Burnett Abrams and Mark G. Falcone, have shaped this historical section to offer an intimate grouping of thought-provoking 20th-century art examined through a contemporary theme. Booths featured in the early days of the fair showcased gritty and whimsical artwork and this year’s curated projects hope to evocative that same spirit. Visit the Perspectives exhibit to learn more about the fair’s first iterations while exploring the diverse artistic voices of an earlier era.